Deluxe Suite

Our most premium offering yet, custom build your aviation den.

Deluxe Suite

Has aviation become a full-time hobby? Us too. If you're looking for a mezzanine, custom office, or a lift install, the deluxe hangar is for you. The deluxe hangar suites are custom, meaning they're built just for you. You tell us what you want and we'll make your dreams come true!

Designed by pilots, for pilots

Our deluxe hangars have everything you need for your aviation adventures. After years of experiencing the lack of amenities in hangar space, we crafted a Christmas list worth of features sure to make any pilot grin.

24/7 Security
Insulation & Heat
High-Speed Internet
Remote Control Tugs
Air Conditioning
Private Bathroom

If you have any questions about the space, give us a holler. We'd be happy to help

*photos provided are only renders, not 100% reflective of the final appearance.